Priests of the Old Catholic Church of BC

British Columbia

Parish of St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church

The Rev. Fr. Martin Lotho, biography

The Rev. Fr. Benedick Dela Cruz, biography

Our Lady of Nativity Old Catholic Mission, Surrey, BC

The Rev. Fr. Stephan Hollander

St. Michael’s Old Catholic Church Mission, Golden, BC

The Rev. Fr. Terry Martin


Mission Vieille Catholique de Bon Pasteur; Québec City, P. Québec

The Rev. Fr. Claude Lacroix

Deacon Jean-Luc Rivest

Deacon Rosaire Bouchard

Canadian Association for Spiritual Care; L’hôtel-Dieu-De-Saint-Hyacinthe, P. Québec

The Rev. Fr. Yves Samson

Mission Vieille Catholique de St. Gabriel; Orford, P. Québec

The Rev. Fr. Daniel Dulude

Washington State, USA

 St. Barbara’s Old Catholic Mission, WA, USA

The Rev. Fr. Dana Updegrove