Fr. Claude Lacroix with the new Anglican Bishop of Quebec, Bishop Bruce J.A. Myers

Bishop Gérard LaPlante meets Mr. Hugo Girard, strongest man in North America & first snow in Vancouver

February 2010 Following the publication in parish bulletins in the Quebec archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church concerning our Church and Fr. Claude Lacroix – our priest in Québec – that were false and defamatory, the matter was referred to our attorney. We are publishing the result issued by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec in their parish bulletins, Pastorale-Québec, and their website: Rectification of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Québec towards our Church

May Opening Service at St. James in Lac Beauport, Quebec

June Baptism of Twins

July Recognition and wedding in Matane, Quebec

December Pr. Claude en Journal L’Echo du Lac

Le Jeur du Seigneur

Visit in Quebec and maintenance of the Church

Passing of Mr. Jean-Claude LaPlante – brother of Bishop Gérard LaPlante; visit of Mr. Salim Ghannoum from Syria

Ordination at Mission Vieille Catholique du Bon Pasteur Québec, Québec NB: as of March 1, 2009 the Rev. Deacon Jacques-Jean Guilbert has left the Old Catholic Church of BC and is no longer a member or on the clergy roster.