Videos of the Consecrations

Consecration of Bishop J. Gérard A. LaPlante on September 30, 1979 at Blessed Trinity Cathedral, Liberal Catholic Church, in Hamilton, Ontario

Video of the Consecration of Bishop J. Gérard A. LaPlante



Consecration of Bishop Jürgen Schmode on June 3, 2007 at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church in Vancouver, BC

video of the consecration




Interview with Bishop Jürgen Schmode on ‘German Today’ in May 2007

video of the interview





Video ‘Le Jour du Seigneur’ aired in all of Canada 

CBC ‘Le Jour du Seigneur’ 28 April 1991

video ‘Le Jour du Seigneur’




Videos in French

Phare Ouest CBC Radio-Canada 1981

Half hour CBC special by the CBC Radio Canada in French of the Old Catholic Church of BC


Dedication of the monument at Causapscal cemetery 1983;

sawmill of the LaPlante family

video of the interview





Actualite Region CBC Vancouver, C-B April 1990

Interview with Bishop Gerard LaPlante by CBC Radio-Canada in April 1990

National Film Board of Canada 1995

video ‘Variations sur un thème familier’