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Wedding and baptisms

Father Benedick celebrating Flores de Maria


Baptisms April and May

Holy Week Schedule 2023

Installation of Altar Servers

visit to the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster

Fr. Benedick dela Cruz baptism

Acceptance of Father Sarmed Biloues


Baptisms in November and a Mexican dedication ceremony

October baptisms

In Memoriam Father John Horgan

Painting the Church and maintenance September 2022

Memorial Service for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Two baptisms and a full Church

Big family baptism in July 

Mrs. Jutta Schynol passed away

June Baptisms in Vancouver and Philippines

Confirmations and baptisms in May

Easter baptisms

Holy Week schedule 2022 with explanation of symbols

May they rest in peace, Mrs. Inez Teng and Mr. Celeste Baldasso

Our mission in the Philippines with Father Benedick dela Cruz

Starting the New Year with Baptisms

Happy New Year! Many baptisms at the end 2021.


Happy 89th Birthday

First News 2021

Historic Church of St. Anne in Listuguj, Quebec burned down


Priests of St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church Parish

Holy Mass now live on Facebook and news for June 2020

Easter 2020

Coronavirus update


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Christmas baptism and celebration
October News 2019
September 2019 News
Summer Baptism, Renovation, and Annual Church Party
In loving memory of the Reverend Father Gary Wulf    the funeral bulletin
Three Baptisms
Consecration of Bishop Klaus Mass and Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Doell for the Christ-Catholic Church of Germany
Newspaper articles for the Consecration of Bishop Klaus Mass and Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Doell 
Six Baptisms in Easter Week
Easter 2019 photos
Holy Week Schedule and Holy Week
March 2019 – Baptism and Funeral of Mrs. Muriel Wulf
January 2019 – Photos of Baptism and Christmas Celebrations of 2018


November 2018
October 2018  Confirmations
August 2018 Baptisms in Vancouver and Holy Trinity Old Catholic Church, Redmond, WA
July 2018 for the news. Christ-Catholic Church of Germany has joined us. Please see their website at
June 2018
April – May 2018
Holy Trinity Old Catholic Church, 17 April 2018 at Fr. Juergen Schmode birthday celebration
Easter Sunday 2018
Easter Vigil 2018
Holy Week Schedule 2018
January and February 2018 News


November and December 2017 News
October news Ordinations of three deacons in Quebec; funeral of Ms. Francesca Cadiente and Fr. Martin’s birthday
News September 2017
Visitors from Germany
Corpus Christi
Ocean View Cemetery; Bishop Juergen con-celebrating Holy Mass in Germany; Board meeting
Three Baptisms and One Wedding
Altar and Church Steeple History
Fr. Claude Lacroix with the new Anglican Bishop of Quebec, Bishop Bruce J.A. Myers
Holy Week 2017
Easter 2017
Good Friday and Holy Saturday 2017
Palm Sunday
Lent 2017
February Baptism and Visitors
Funeral of Mr. Fernand Girard, Sr.
Baptism in the New Year 2017
Christmas 2016
Funeral of Mr. Horst Steinbach December 2016
November 2016 Baptism and funeral at Martin Luther Church
baptism of Charlie Richards
baptism of Audrey Asuncion
news September 2016, baptism of Liam Jensen
Visit of Mr. Louis Paradis with his wife and friends from Kamouraska, Quebec part 2
Fr. Gary Wulf retiring
painting the steeple at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church
July August 2016 baptisms & visits
July August 2016 baptisms and visits part 2
news August 2016: friends visiting, baptism and passing of Mr. Charles Matson
Easter 2016 and Fr. Juergen’s birthday
News February and March 2016
Passing of Mr. Jerome LaPlante
Photos of the funeral
news January 2016 wedding in Hawaii

Merry Christmas 2015
news November 2015
Fall 2015 news
Summer 2015: all the news Summer 2015
Spring 2015: all the news in one PDF
Vienna Evening, visitors and a big birthday in March
Easter 2015
Letter to the Editor of the BC Catholic
Passing of Mrs. Marie Paule Girard
News February 2015 “Old Catholic – Coptic Orthodox wedding; maintenance; TV show “Supernatural”

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news Fall 2014 No.1
News Fall 2014 No.2
News Fall 2014 No. 3
News Summer 2014 No. 1
News Summer 2014 No. 2
passing of Mr. Bob Jones
news may 2014
Easter 2014 ecumenical
Easter 2014 2
Easter 2014 1
news January 2014 2

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letter to the Greek ambassador
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Fall 2010
Baptism of Nathan Hunter
Baptism of Noah Reis
Baptism of Jader Castaneda
Baptism of Lucile Chatron
New Cross installation on St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church & new lawn
at the Church
Bishop Gérard LaPlante meets Mr. Hugo Girard, strongest man in North America & first snow in Vancouver
Church painted inside
July 2010
Filipino baptism
June 2010
Bishop LaPlante attends 100th anniversary of our neighbor Church and meets Lt. Gov. Stephen Point
April 2010
Easter 2010 – Fourth generation Old Catholic baptized; Adult baptism and confirmation
February 2010
Following the publication in parish bulletins in the Quebec archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church concerning our Church and Fr. Claude Lacroix – our priest in Québec – that were false and defamatory, the matter was referred to our attorney. We are publishing the exchange and the rectification issued by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec Rectification of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Québec towards our Church

December 2009
New! Information now available in Tagalog! please follow the links.
history of our Church and
Christmas at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church & passing of Mr. Michel Doucet November 2009
Baptism of Samantha Long and life of the Church October 2009
Korean baptism at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church September 2009
Blessings and an updated sign St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church August 2009
Wedding, Baptisms in August and a new Priest, Fr. Martin Lotho July 2009
Fourth generation Old Catholic baptized in July June 2009
Baptisms and vistiors in June May 2009
Spring Cleaning April 2009
Baptism of Olivia Barnes
Easter 2009 March 2009
Holy Week Schedule (Easter) now online
Passing of Mr. Don Roy, Vice-President of the Old Catholic Church of BC & Society
January 2009
Baptism at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church; joyful news from Quebec
Third Poem of “The Little Church” by Mr. Samuel Thomas published

December 2008
Merry Christmas Card from the Old Catholic Church of BC
November 2008
First Nation Wedding in North Vancouver
bulletin of the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Ruth Luzian Schmode (parents of Fr. Juergen Schmode)
Thanksgiving and new organ at St. Raphael´s Old Catholic Church
October 2008
Visit in Quebec and maintenance of the Church
September 2008
Ordinations at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Redmond, WA, USA
August 2008
Baptism of Chloe Gervan at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church, 31 August 2008
Passing of Mr. Jean-Claude LaPlante – brother of Bishop Gérard LaPlante; visit of Mr. Salim Ghannoum from Syria
July 2008
Ordination at
Mission Vieille Catholique du Bon Pasteur Québec, Québec NB: as of March 1, 2009 the Rev. Deacon Jacques-Jean Guilbert has left the Old Catholic Church of BC and is no longer a member or on the clergy roster.
June 2008
Passing of Mr. Josef Sinkovits 1922 – 2008 RIP
10 baptisms at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church June 15, 2008
25th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Bastiampilai
May 2008
visit of Mr. David Virtue and Mr. Gerhard Oberauer
March 2008
Easter 2008
Requiem Mass for Mr. Jean Paul Robillard
The Doucet Brothers
February 2008
Passing of Mr. Andrew Dolejsi
In Memoriam Bishop Karl Pruter
January 2008

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New Year’s Day with the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Fr. Sylvain Tremblay with Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte (in French)

Mass Appeal – article in the Vancouver Courier 7 February 2007
Requiem Mass for the Rt. Rev. Dr. L. M. McFerran 12 May 2007
First Service of the Old Catholic Church of BC in Lac Beauport, Québec 13 May 2007
Consecration of the Rt. Rev. Jürgen Schmode 3 June 2007
Biography of the Rt. Rev. Jürgen Schmode
Big turnout to welcome Old Catholic new Bishop article in the Vancouver Courier 8 June 2007
Baptism of Twins by the Rev. Fr. Claude Lacroix in Lac Beauport, 16 June 2007
Visit of Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church on Canada Day 1 July 2007
Baptism of Jordan Lea Fianza 1 July 2007
Metis Wedding at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church
Recognition in Québec and first wedding
Wedding with Military Honors
30th wedding anniversary of former Austrian Consul
First Nation Baptism
Fleur-de-Lys on the Bell tower of St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church
Chaldean Catholic Priest visiting
Metis baptism; fall pictures; All Souls Day
11 November 2007 Bishop LaPlante’s Birthday
18 November 2007 Overflowing crowd at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church
25 November 2007 Jack Barnes baptism
Fr. Claude Lacroix featured in the magazine L’Echo du Lac
December at St. Raphael’s Old Catholic Church

Remember When?

Bishop LaPlante at the Golden Wedding anniversary in St. Jacques Roman Catholic Church, Causapscal, Quebec in 1978 & at the silver consecration celebration for the Roman Catholic Bishop of Victoria, BC Rt. Rev. Remi DeRoo in 1987

letters exchange with the Apostolic Nuncio of the Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa

Bishop Gérard LaPlante celebrating Holy Mass on historic Castle Eltz in Germany